When searching for ideal hearing aids, you will inevitably come across the word “programmable”. But what exactly is programmable and what are its real-world benefits of it?

Hearing aid technology has improved a lot over the past few decades. As the level of technology increases, digital hearing aids become more automatic and have more features to help you communicate in difficult listening situations. Programmable is definitely one of those features.



What is Programmable


Programmable means that the settings of a hearing aid can be modified according to your personal hearing loss. And it also means that the hearing aids can be set up to your everyday environment.



Why do You Need Programmable Hearing Aids


As a hearing aids wearer, you can’t help but encounter various real-life surroundings and environments every day. Some are quiet, some are very noisy, and some have lots of people talking to you from different directions at once. And this can be a challenge and cause frustration. This is a young woman sharing her daily struggles with hearing.

However, as time progressed, programmable hearing aids are here to help. They offer flexible and customized solutions to different people, and for different occasions.



How Much do They Cost?


Due to the sophisticated technology and miniature size, hearing aids are sometimes described as tiny computers for your ears, they can range from less than $1000 to $4000.


But you may wonder are there any high-tech digital hearing aids can update your life experience without breaking the bank?


The answer is YES.



Affordable Digital Hearing Aids with 4 Programs


From only $259, and featuring 4 programs adapt to different environments, Aidery hearing aids provide you an ultimate hearing experience with zer o frustration. With just a simple click on your smartphone, you’re free to switch from Conversation mode to Traffic mode, or Restaurant mode and Outdoor mode if you’re hanging out with friends that day.

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