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Frequently asked Questions

Can you replace the battery?

It’s rechargeable thus you don’t need to get battery. 

Does it come with adapter?

Yes, it comes with all necessary parts you might need.

How small are these? Can they be easily seen?

They are very small,like the earphone. Almost invisiable. You won’t regret for it.

If I buy one for right ear ?

Better for both, each earbud fit both left and right ear.

Domes only come in the multi size packaging?

Yes, the domes attached in the packing is same.

Do they need professional programming?

No, it is very easy to use via App(soundwear) download on your smart phone.

Is it possible to configure the gain of the device in a personalized way, to adapt to my loss?

It’s the bluetooth type, you can adjust the frequency gain according to your need by mobilephone.It is easy to adjust, please refer to our APP use guide.

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